Bradshaw Infamous Annual Slideshows

At the end of each year, The Bradshaw Mummers, prior to hibernation, and just before our excuse for an AGM, get together for an afternoon of beer, frivolity and beef stew to sit through the painlful task of reviewing our year.

The highlight of these soirees is The Annual Slideshow, where our intrepid photographers remind us what we got up to, the high points, the low points and the downright stupid bits; all there to remind us of the question on everyone's lips; "Just what were we thinking of forty years ago?"

We have now decided, for the first time ever to share these 70's throwback slideshows open to the world (albeit in a more mordern setting without the shaky projector or pauses whilst the carousel is changed over). Click on the links below to view each year's slideshow. To get back to this page click on the Bradshaw Jester.

Missing years will be added as they become available